If you’re wondering where your order is, want to schedule a home delivery, or need information on any other delivery-related questions, we’re happy to help. Read our FAQs below, or use the buttons to get started.

Here are the questions we hear most often:

Where is my shipment?

If you’re wondering where your order is, you can get the latest tracking info right here.

How do I schedule my home delivery?

If you’ve been contacted to schedule a home delivery, you can set that appointment here.

What should I expect from my home delivery?

Please contact your retailer to learn which shipping method applies to your order. You would have selected your shipping option at the point of purchase. They can answer questions like whether a signature will be required, etc.

How do I upgrade my shipping service level?

If you’d like to change the service level on your order, please contact your retailer.

How do I change the delivery address?

EFW is unable to change delivery addresses. You must contact your retailer to make that change. Please note that delivery addresses cannot be changed 24 hours prior to the delivery appointment.