Friday, March 22nd, 2019

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Our documents are your documents.

No one needs to tell you just how much paperwork is involved in shipping. Motor carrier pickup requests. Manifests. Delivery receipts. And, of course, invoices.

EDI eats up reams of paper and drawers of files. It’s a secure computer-to-computer transmission of all the important documents in electronic, ready-to-process formats.

It’s instant. It’s efficient. And it’s the way everyone should be doing it.

Advantages of EDI:

- Improves the accuracy of the data and reduces the need for re-keying
- Facilitates faster transaction time
- Secure, reliable, standardized
- Minimizes paper use and storage
- Reduces labor and resource cost, and increases efficiency
- Encourages better data-sharing philosophies
- Enhances customer service through closer business relationships

We don’t just do EDI, either.  The breadth of tools in our technology toolbox allows us to trade data electronically in a multitude of formats across virtually any method of communication. XML, flat file, and CSV are just a few file formats that we use.  We can trade documents via APIs, web services, FTP, and VAN.

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