When the shipment needs are less than clear cut, when there are mitigating factors or specific objectives need to be met, our customs solutions team goes to work. From product or campaign rollouts to disaster relief efforts, we’re able to create optimal solutions for diverse needs across any industry. We pride ourselves on being a logistics partner that can shift and adapt to the unique requirements of our customers. Our meticulous attention to every single detail enables us to craft custom solutions that meet all objectives and address any extenuating circumstances.

Here’s how we do it:


This information gathering process helps us accurately understand your need, special considerations, timelines, and even how you may be currently be underserved—all in an effort to clearly define the objective and desired outcomes.

Solutions Design

Once we understand the scope of the project, our team goes to work consulting with any and all specialty teams across the organization, tapping into our network of 10,000+ worldwide carriers to build a custom solution that addresses all objectives.


From operations to administration, our teams work together to ensure a flawless execution of each custom solution with zero defects. From tracking visibility to accurate invoicing and custom reporting for stakeholders, our seamless collaboration is how we deliver what we call the EFW Experience.

Solution Review

We’re relentless in our efforts to clearly understand your expectations so we can accurately measure success. Our customized reporting, QBRs (quarterly business reviews) and ability to produce whatever is needed to evaluate outcomes means we’re there for you even after your shipment reaches its destination.

We’re driven to earn your business for the long term

Our business is built on relationships across the world, and we leverage them to bring you the most optimal transportation solution. We’ll always go the extra mile for you and treat you like our business depends on it—because it does.