Company Updates

EFW Takes Proactive Steps to Ensure Business Continuity and Speed to Shelf Capability for National Brand Retailers During COVID-19 Outbreak

Mar 18, 2020

Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW) a leading U.S. freight forwarding company is taking proactive steps to ensure business continuity and speed to shelf capability for national brand retailers trying to keep shelves stocked for customers during COVID-19 Outbreak.

EFW has leveraged their generous geographic distribution and nimble business model to help minimize disruptions to customers’ supply chains despite rapidly changing scenarios and needs across the country.

“What began as an effort to help our customers normalize their supply chain at the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak has evolved into a critical need,” explained Scott Fisher, President and CEO of Estes Forwarding Worldwide. “As a critical support partner to national retailers across the country, we simply must ensure essential supplies are still flowing to our national brand retailers trying to keep shelves stocked for their customers.”

Able to draw upon decades of experience in mobilizing relief efforts across the United States, EFW has taken steps to ensure business continuity while providing a safe and secure environment for teams across the country.

EFW proactively activated the company’s teleworking contingency plan allowing employees to work from home. This has enabled the company to remain at a steady operating state with no lapse in service despite developing federal, state and local mandates.

Their hybrid and expansive transportation network has allowed for the redistribution of workloads and rerouting in markets where necessary. Delivery modifications have been made to ensure adherence to the latest federal, state and local requirements and safety at all stages of delivery.

“We remain in constant contact with our customers and will continue to adjust our logistics solutions to meet the changing demands and scenarios placed on them,” stated Mr. Scott Fisher. “We see first-hand the commitment our national retailers have when it comes to providing consumers with essential goods in times of high need and uncertainty. EFW will do everything within our power to make that possible.”