Company Updates

EFW Expands Air Cargo Capacity

Jul 27, 2011

Estes Forwarding Worldwide, an international leader in logistics planning and shipping, announced today that it was securing more capacity from the three largest air cargo companies. The announcement came on the heels of reports that a fourth air cargo provider, BAX Global, was shutting down its North American operations.

“In our beginnings, BAX played an important role in our company’s growth,” said John Eastland, Vice President of Operations at EFW. “While it’s unfortunate they’ve decided to shut down, we have also developed strong working relationships with the big three air carriers.”

“After careful evaluation of lane segments, we’re confident we can increase our capacity with the big three through the use of block space agreements,” said Eastland. “They have more than enough to meet the requirements of our customers, today and well into the future.”