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Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW) Announces Several Key Initiatives as the Company Celebrates 18th Year of Business

Sep 02, 2020

Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW), a leading domestic and international freight forwarder in the United States, announced several key initiatives as the company celebrates going into their eighteenth year of business. 

Founded in 2003 by Scott Fisher and Estes Express Lines, the largest privately held transportation provider in the United States, EFW has grown every year since its inception with an average growth rate of over 27.50% year-over-year. The company’s workforce has increased by 10% since February 2020. Despite the worldwide and widespread disruption, EFW has continued to operate at a steady, solid-state remaining on track to exceed 2020 revenue projections. 

As the company goes into its eighteenth year of business, several key initiatives were announced, which align with the EFW Experience, a catchphrase the company has adopted to define its key differentiators – capacity, longevity, process, and reputation. 

With a broad portfolio of services that continue to expand, EFW announced the launch of EFW Cartage. Currently serving the Chicago, Newark/JFK, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas markets, expansion of the division continues in Houston and San Francisco. 

“Continuing to enhance the EFW Experience is what drives us an organization,” explained Scott Fisher, CEO Estes Forwarding Worldwide. “EFW Cartage will present us with new opportunities to deliver high quality, consistent levels of services synonymous with the EFW Experience. Along with the launch of EFW Cartage, we are also excited to announce the opening of two new EFW locations – Del Rio, Texas, and Seattle, Washington.” 

With teams mobilized across the country, a vast network of domestic and international partners, and a business built on relationships, EFW is firmly positioned going into its eighteenth year of business. 

In celebration of this milestone, EFW also announced REACCCT magazine, a new, annual company publication. A fresh take on business and logistics, readers will find articles related to the four attributes that define the EFW Experience. “We are very pleased to launch this new magazine,” stated Scott Fisher. “Embodying the values and principles EFW lives by, REACCCT will allow us to not only share perspectives from the EFW Experience, but a collection of interesting content our customers, partners, or anyone can enjoy.” 

“It’s EFW’s history, people, and a unified commitment to our company mission and vision that differentiates us from every other forwarder,” Mr. Fisher continued. “As we celebrate going into our 18th year of business, we recognize every employee, customer, and partner, we have been fortunate enough to meet, work, partner with, and serve. We are excited about what the future holds for EFW.” 

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